Dr. Stuart Remer - New York-Based Physician


Dr. Stuart Remer was a physician and surgeon headquartered in New York and a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. He previously served as director of spine surgery with the Saint Barnabas Hospital and Health System in the Bronx, where he performed various types of orthopaedic procedures for conditions and injuries pertaining to the spine and scoliosis. He also performed many arthroscopic procedures for the wrist, ankle, knee, and shoulder joints. As director of spine surgery, he was responsible for overseeing and improving patient-care quality at St. Barnabas. He has also consulted with medical instrumentation companies in the development and design of specialized orthopedic equipment. In addition he actively participated in the Level 1 trauma service while at Saint Barnabas Hospital. Dr. Stuart Remer holds a doctor of medicine from New York’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai .

As an involved participant in his field, Dr. Stuart Remer has presented clinical and research findings before his fellow surgeons and physicians at numerous professional gatherings throughout the United States. In 2014, he served as a guest speaker for Kaiser Permanente’s pediatric grand rounds in Los Angeles, California, and he presented work related to surgical advances in the treatment of scoliosis at a meeting of the Orthopedic Nurses Association in New York.

Dr. Stuart Remer was the lead surgeon involved in the care of a severely injured patient and was interviewed for an NBC television news program relating to his orthopaedic trauma surgery and management of the patient.